Vision Statement

Encompass Grain and Rail COOP is a farmer-owned cooperative with a vision to improve the community around us and focus on our customers’ continuing success.



Mission Statement

Our mission is "To provide professional knowledge, grain handling, and marketing services through customer-focused employees whose main objective is to help our farmers and communities prosper."



Company History

Encompass Grain and Rail COOP was founded in 2015 following the merger of Farmers Grain and Coal Company and Taloma Farmers Grain Company.  As the surviving company, Encompass Grain is proud of its strong heritage of serving patrons for more than three centuries! 

Farmers Grain and Coal Co. of Mason City was formed in March of 1899 and was located in Mason City.  The Luther and Teheran locations were later added.  In 1988, Farmers Grain and Coal Company purchased Reiser Grain to acquire the Greenview location.  

Taloma Farmers Grain Co. was formed following the merger of Delavan Co-op and San Jose Cooperative Grain Company.  Delavan Co-op consisted of the Delavan and Brownwood locations.  San Jose Cooperative Grain Company consisted of the San Jose, Allen Station, and Natrona locations.  The two companies merged, leading to the formation of Taloma Farmers Grain Company in 1990.  Soon after the formation of Taloma Farmers Grain Company, the New Holland location was added. 

Following the merger of Farmers Grain and Coal Co. and Taloma Farmers Grain Co. in June of 2015, Encompass Grain and Rail COOP was established to better serve the local farming communities.  The seven remaining locations are Allen Station, Brownwood, Delavan, Greenview, Mason City, New Holland, and Teheran.  With 7 locations in Logan, Mason, Menard, and Tazewell Counties and more than 19 million bushels of storage capacity, Encompass Grain and Rail COOP is well-suited to meet the needs of local farmers.  As a cooperative, each farmer is a member-owner, with the majority of stock being held by shareholders.  The cooperative is managed by nine board of directors.

Over the past 115+ years, as the ways of farming have significantly changed, many enhancements have taken place to ensure continued growth of the cooperative.  Several locations originally had old wooden scale houses and they also had corn cribs to accept ear corn, all of which have been upgraded over the years.  One major improvement was when Taloma Farmers began loading grain by rail at Allen Station.  At the time, it was one of only two Union Pacific shuttle train sites in the entire state of Illinois.  Additional storage capacity has also been added at each location to meet the needs of our patrons.  Throughout the long history of the company, the tradition that has remained the same is our commitment to our patrons and the long-standing partnerships that have been created.   Some of our seasoned patrons even remember when a few of the early locations utilized line shafts to run grain legs, shellers, and more!  

Encompass Grain and Rail COOP operates several semis and also has the unique advantage of being able to load trains at both the Allen Station and Delavan locations.  The rail locations prove to be an important asset to the company, allowing Encompass Grain to expand its market reach.  The 110-car shuttle loader at Allen Station provides corn to feeder markets in the South and also exports grain to Mexico on the Union Pacific Railroad.  The 25-car shuttle loader at Delavan ships grain to feeder markets throughout the country via the Canadian National Railway.


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